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We often overlook the happenings inside the gaming industry for we have been pre occupied with poker in our lives. Today they have studied the life of new poker players and suggest that they are experiencing a rough road.

In the article written by a poker player named Kyle Siler in the Journal of Gambling Studies, he claims that life for new players can be tough. He made a study with the results of 27 million online hands. According to his study, new players win less for they play too many hands. He also added that they shouldn’t overweigh their frequent small gains versus occasional large losses or vice versa.

Siler also stressed out that new player may have a trouble understanding the values of the pairs. There are certain hands that have higher value for inexperienced players which includes the pairs of small-numbered cards such as 2-7 and are more valuable compare to the pairs of eights, nines, 10’s and jacks for small-stakes players.

Small-stakes players should think that small pairs may have less ambiguous value and the medium pairs have more ambiguous value and are considered better hands. This is one of the common misunderstandings small-stakes player have that contribute to their rough road life.

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