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You are a Titan Poker player and you want to know more about the Club. This article might not be the one you expect because this is just an introduction piece, but we can give you some data that you can start with.

The Basics

In Club Titan Poker, you have the privilege to gain more points that you can collect and then gain rewards in the process. This point system has been customized in the following:

a)You are allowed to get VIP levels in order for you to get more points and;
b)You can keep the points you collect and then exchange it when you have big amounts to gain more money out of it.

VIP Levels

In Club Titan Poker there are six available levels. Each member of the Club held a VIP Bronze membership at the beginning of each month.

And if they collect 1,000 points in the month concerned they will get a VIP Silver membership. And if they are lucky enough to collect 5,000 points in one month will earn them the VIP Gold membership.

They will get VIP Platinum membership if they collect 10,000 points in one month and getting 17,000 points will allow them to get the Titanium membership while 35,000 points will earn them the VIP Diamond membership.

The Significance of Levels

Having the right level in the Club will earn you more points than usual. The first VIP membership that is Bronze will not earn you a change but as you climb over your membership you’ll get more points with additional percentage per level. Being a Silver member will earn you 20% more points each month and the percentage will increase to an increment of 40%, 60%, 100%, and 120% as you go up in your VIP level.

This only tells you that once you reach the VIP Titanium level you’ll get a 100% increase in your points and you will earn more than that once you become a VIP Diamond member.

Trading in Points

The point here is these point increase will increase your chances to get more money while trading it with your points in Club Titan Poker.

This was stated earlier in the article. Getting the lowest point level of 2000 points will earn you $10. The conversion rate would be 200 points for every dollar.

But remember that the highest rate of 7 million points is valued as $120,000 because the rate was change to 58 points per dollar. As you get more points you’ll get an even better ratio to change to dollar and that would be in between 200 and 58 points for each dollar.

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