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There is a poker group called Poker Players Alliance which has been trying to change the poker environment in the United States especially in the Internet arena. Since the UIGEA has been passed it has literally waste away the online poker choices of the US people by classifying poker like any other variety of gambling which is not true because playing poker is more like a skill test than a luck one.

In the present, it seems like the change that poker players had been waiting for will materialize when the Democrats took the Congress over in 2006 but seems like they are not going in the right direction.

Until today, a lot of individuals have expected that the House of Representative will be the one to initiate the change in the poker world by trying to upend the UIGEA then legalizing, regulating and taxing the poker industry in the long run.

Barney Franklin passed a bill that will help legalize online gambling in the US but because for many reasons it was stalled even though it has more than 50 cosponsors as of the present. It will take some time for that bill to be passed by the house.

Also, New Jersey senator Robert Menendez initiated the Internet Poker and Games of Skill Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act at the same time much for the pleasure of the PPA.

This act sets up a guideline for legalizing and regulating the game of online poker and other games of the same skill. Unlike the UIGEA which directly bans online gambling when it was passed in 2006.

That particular bill will help in clarifying a number of issues concerning online gambling which has been argued ever since. For instance, the bill wants a list if unregistered online gambling operations from the government in order to regulate it further and it also consents the utilization of technology in order to stop underage kids from gambling online.

It will also help in augmenting more funding for gambling counseling purposes and will also authorize the gathering of taxes from online poker operations. It will also help clarify the issue of the Wire Act in line to stop the illegitimate fund seizures from occurring once again.

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